Artistic works


Seven churches (working title), (in progress)
moment this moment I and II (2024, 5:52/5:05)

eating yabancı (2022, 29:36)

All thunder in a day (2021, 4:20)
Ramazan pide (2021, 5:15)
La forza de brothers (2021, 5:00)
Geçiyor (Passing) (2021, 4:18)

I am Fatmira (2018, 7:36, VR/360)
Uncorking progress in the Georgia mountains (2018, 5:32)
A family tradition: winemaking in the Georgian highlands (VR/360) (2018)
On the milk road in Kyrgyzstan (2018), UNDP
Turning bounty into business: A Turkish women’s cooperative (2016), UNDP
Behind the scenes: No excuse for violence (2017), UNDP


No one looks at you…everybody walks at you (2021)
Istanbul Soundscape (2021)
Istanbul inside my house (Soundscape) (2021)


Dwelling place (2021)
Piecing together new opportunities, UNDP
Jobs grow on apricot trees, UNDP


Reel Life film series (2023)
Screening series with UNDP Eurasia and Columbia Global Centre | Istanbul featuring documentaries followed by discussion with the filmmaker, academic and development expert.

Immerse in the world (2022)
Exhibition featuring VR/AR works that address the state of the world, our environment and society.
Immersive approaches help traditional subjects take on different meanings, provoking us to see human rights issues with fresh eyes. Some have called VR the “empathy machine”, but we’d like it to evoke solidarity instead. (Exhibition text)

Voyages (2019-present)
Digital journal covering little told stories about people and places in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a region often overlooked in the media. (Background text: “Eurasia doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves — so we created a journal of our own”)

Doxita (2008-2016)
Traveling program of non-fiction short films to expand the reach of shorts distribution offline through theatres, universities and art spaces.